All of the programs that are available to you as an affiliate are listed on this page. You can see the payout structures of each program, the name of the program, and a description of each available program.

Available Program Payouts

» Earn $25-$50 for every single sale
We’ll pay you $25-$50 in cold hard cash for every single sale you send in. Trial, full, it makes no difference - you’ll get paid on every sale you make.
» Earn 50-80% of every sale & rebill
We offer 50-80% of our revenue to our partners. We pay on all initials and rebills for the life of each member you send us.
» Earn 5% off every referred webmaster sale
For referring other Webmasters to our program, we are offering a 5% Webmaster referral bonus for each new Webmaster referred.